Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is a kids yoga class?

The 45 minute classes are designed for different age groups and vary from adult programs. The poses are are simpler and posture need not be perfect. The traditional techniques and sequences have been redesigned to be simple, fun, and playful. Because children's attention spans are shorter, classes are more creative, often incorporating stories and games into a series of yoga poses. Children may be asked to act out different characters in the story by doing different poses.

Why should kids practice yoga?

Yoga is a great activity for kids. It can build good habits that can last a lifetime. Children now a days are under a great deal of stress. Yoga classes help them de-stress and relax, calm their thoughts, build their self-confidence, foster creativity, and increase their focus, concentration, and attention span -- all while developing strong, healthy bodies. Best of all, kids have FUN!

Any kid can do yoga. You do not need to be an athlete or ballerina.

What do kids wear to a yoga class?

Anything that is comfortable and allows them to move without being overly revealing: t-shirts, leggings, shorts, yoga pants, or athletic apparel. During winter months, it is wise to layer clothing so that as they warm-up during the practice they can remove the outer layers.

What do we need to bring to a yoga class?

We have yoga mats and props available for your use at no charge, but it is always best to bring your own mat when possible.