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Important!  Before your child can participate in a class, they must be registered and sign a liability waiver. You can do this by clicking above on the  MY ACCOUNT PROFILE  tab to create a kids account.


Teen Yoga Classes
Designed for students with or without previous yoga experience, teen yoga classes help cultivate self-discipline, promote self-esteem, and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Class focuses on strengthening, toning and relaxation providing teenagers with an alternative way to redirect their energy. Stretching will also reduce growing pains, and adolescents will feel more comfortable within their own skin. It's a healthy and challenging way to experiment, to push boundaries, and gain a sense of achievement. Taught by Maureen Milliken.

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Kids Yoga Classes
Kids classes tailored for kids with interactive asanas balanced with calming practices. Yoga essentials incorporated to encourage healthy habits, concentration and memory, limber bodies, and sleep-filled nights. This is a class that offers children a freedom from curriculum and competition where creativity, confidence, and courage can flourish. It encourages them to explore their own emotional and physical capabilities and enjoy the peacefulness of relaxation. Taught by Maureen Milliken.

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  • Yoga For Mom & Baby 
  • Yoga For Mom & Tot
  • Yoga Play For Mom & Littles
  • Yoga Play Just Littles

All Levels Of Experience Welcomed.

Mommy & Baby Yoga
Our Mom/Baby yoga classes include both:

  • Yoga For Mom & Baby (birth/6 weeks-new crawlers with mom)
  • Yoga For Mom & Tot (active crawlers-2 years with parent or caregiver).

All levels of yoga experience are welcome. No prior yoga experience necessary. Join us for a fun yoga workout with your baby. We will also introduce mindfulness and meditation to calm your mind and help you return to your day grounded and relaxed. It's a great workout for mom, fun bonding with your baby while you meet moms/caregivers in your area. Class also includes baby play, baby stretches, songs, games, dance and baby massage. For new moms, you may begin class as soon as you feel ready for exercise, though a common guide line is around 4 - 6 weeks postpartum.
Taught by Julie Cole.
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Yoga Play  
Yoga Shala's Yoga for Young Children classes include both:
  • Yoga Play For Mom and Littles (Ages 2-4  with Parent or Caregiver)
  • Yoga Play Just Littles (Ages 4 - 6)

These classes integrate games, music, storytelling and more into each class to introduce young children to the principles and practices of yoga in a fun and engaging environment.  Each class provides opportunities for little yogis to enhance their gross motor and language development, social skills, imagination and emotional awareness through imitation, routine, repetition and play. Taught by Julie Cole.

Important!  Before your child can participate in the Yoga Play Just For Littles, parents must create an account, which includes the liability waiver, and register the child through that account. Parents only need to create an account for the child once, where all future enrollments will be made through that child's account. You can do this by clicking above on the  MY ACCOUNT PROFILE  tab to create a kids account.
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For Preteens & Teens
Grades 5 & Up
Offered:  Tuesdays
5:00 - 5:45pm
$5 per class drop-in
On Going Drop-In Class
No classes the week of July 4 & Thanksgiving


For Kids in Grades 1–4
Offered: Tuesdays
4:00 - 4:45pm
$5 per class drop-in

On Going Drop-In Class

No classes the week of July 4 & Thanksgiving



For Moms and Babies: infants—new crawlers
Wednesdays 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
$50/5 week series  $18/drop-in class

For Moms and Tots: active crawlers—2 years
$60/6 week series  $18/drop-in class

Please click below for session dates:
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For Mom and Littles
Ages 2-4 with Caregiver.  Up to 2 children per adult
$60/6 week series  or
$18/drop-in class per 1 adult and 1 child
$5 for an additional child

Just Litlles
Ages 4-6, caregiver attendance not required
$60/6 week series  or 
$15/drop-in class 
Please click below for session dates: